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  • Can be personalised
    Classic Deluxe Baby Gift Hamper

    Hamper for newborn. A classic gift, with the most traditional baby accessories; includes bottle, muslin, bodies .... Can be personalized embroidering the name of the baby

    £ 249, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Classic Baby Gift Hamper

    Gift hamper for baby presented in craft wicker basket. A gift for the newborn that includes practical accessories for mom and baby.

    £ 159, 95
  • Can be personalised
    Classic Complete Baby Gift Hamper

    Cesta para bebé con todos los complementos necesarios para los primeros días del bebé. Se puede personalizar bordando el nombre del bebé.

    £ 189, 00
  • The price includes embroidery
    My Embroidered Bathrobe Baby Hamper

    Una preciosa caja beby con una bata de baño bordada con el nombre del bebé. Esta caja de regalo para bebé viene con un bordado personalizado. Simplemente proporcione el nombre del bebé en el formulario de compra.

    £ 99, 95
  • Can be personalised
    Post-Hospital Complete Baby Hamper

    When Mum and Dad have everything ready for the newborn, this post-hospital baby basket is the perfect gift, containing items for babies from 3 months old.

    £ 179, 00
    Classic Essential Baby Hamper

    Classic Essential Baby Hamper is a beautiful birth gift for new borns. Can be personalised.

    £ 95, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Serenity Essential Baby Hamper

    Presented in an exclusive vintage box, the Serenity Baby Hamper collection is the perfect gift for the newborn.

    £ 95, 00
    Post-Hospital Essential Baby Gift Hamper

    This Post-Hospital Essential Baby Gift Hamper contains the baby basics from 3 months old. All BebeDeParis gifts include a greeting card with the baby’s name and a congratulations card.

    £ 105, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Memories Essential Baby Gift Hamper

    Baby memories will always have a special place in Mum’s and Dad’s heart. A great gift for the baby, the Essential Memories Baby Hamper is presented in a traditional wicker basket. 

    £ 85, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Memories Complete Baby Gift Hamper

    Gifts that last forever are the ones that touch the heart. The Memories Complete Baby Gift Basket is the perfect gift for Baby, Mum and Dad.

    £ 179, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Bedtime sweet sleep hamper

    This hamper contains the following products:Stars Baby Pyjamas. Baby cushion (can be personalised). Small rectangular wool box.

    £ 49, 95