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You’ll have no problem shopping for baby shower gifts with our extensive range of thoughtful presents. Browse unique baby shower gifts and find one-of-a-kind presents for the mother and baby. From personalised to adorable new-born accessories, you’re certain to find baby shower gifts she’ll love.


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  • The price includes embroidery
    My Embroidered Bib Baby Hamper

    My Embroidered Bib Baby Hamper is a personalised gift for the newborn baby. This practical and original baby gift basket includes personalised embroidery. Tell us the baby’s name on the shopping form. 

    £ 99, 50
    Chic Nappy Cake

    Nappy cakes are original and useful gifts which Mum and Dad will love without a doubt. BioBaby nappies are designed with the best natural absorbent core technology lasting for up to 12 hours, to keep your baby’s skin dry, comfortable and healthy.

    £ 65, 00
  • Can be personalised
    Motorbike Nappy Cake

    Motorbike Nappy Cakes is the gift that will surprise Dad, whether they like motorbikes or not…! These can be personalised and make a useful and original gift, which without a doubt Mum and Dad will love.

    £ 95, 00
    Heart Footprints Baby Gift Set

    A truly special gift for the baby, as well as for mummy and daddy – a souvenir for a lifetime! This lovely box contains a kit to print your baby’s footprints. It can also serve to decorate the baby’s room and store some small ítems.

    £ 29, 50
    Elephant Baby Gift Set

    Lovely and sweet newborn gift set to keep the first baby photos and booties. A special gift to welcome the new baby. 

    £ 30, 50
    Rabbit Baby Gift Set

    Mum and Dad will love this gift! A nice and lovely box to keep the first baby memories like pictures or the first booties. 

    £ 30, 50
  • Can be personalised
    Serenity Essential Baby Hamper

    Presented in an exclusive vintage box, the Serenity Baby Hamper collection is the perfect gift for the newborn.

    £ 95, 00
    Happy Nappy Baby Box

    If you are looking for an original and useful gift, this baby box is the perfect present for Mum, Dad, and the baby – because there are some basics which they can’t forget and will always be grateful for!

    £ 39, 50
  • Can be personalised
    Memories Essential Baby Hamper

    Presented in a pretty vintage inspired box, the Essential Memories Hamper is a gift that will never be forgotten. Includes 4 items.

    £ 79, 00
    Bunny Personalised Decorative Cushion

    Cute personalised decorative cushion for baby's room with baby's name emboridery. A touching gift for Mum and Dad. Please indicate baby's name in the shopping process requested field.

    £ 45, 00
    Baby First Socks Gift Set

    A nice gift for the babies little feet. Basics you can not miss! View the description below.

    £ 20, 50
  • Pink Baby Deluxe Blanket Gift Set Pink Baby Deluxe Blanket Gift Set
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    Baby Deluxe Blanket Gift Set

    There's no better newborn gift to welcome the new baby home. Classic, stylish and warm baby gift.

    £ 95, 00
    Sweet Sheep Nappy Cake

    BebeDeParis nappy cakes are original, stylish and practical. The perfect gift for the baby that Mum and Dad will appreciate without a doubt. Moreover, using the best technology and natural materials BioBaby nappies are not only excellent for babies’ delicate skin but are environmentally friendly.

    £ 65, 00
    Armani Baby Changing Bag

    Going for a stroll with the baby has never been so easy and stylish! Armani Baby's bag collection for the pram or pushchair is sure to make a perfect newborn gift!

    £ 185, 00
    Armani Baby Pacifier

    Pacifier and clip from Armani Baby's collection. A must have for those stylish babies. A practical and unique new baby gift!

    £ 55, 00
    Armani Baby Hamper

    A special collection by Armani for welcoming the new baby with an exclusive baby gift. Clothing and accessories with Armani's unmistakable design and quality.

    £ 179, 00
    Hugo Boss Polo Bodysuit Baby Hamper

    Hugo Boss style and trend in this baby hamper featuring casual apparel, perfect for those strolls with mum and dad.

    £ 159, 00
    Timberland Pram Baby Hamper

    Keep the baby warm and cosy on those cold days with this beautiful footmuff from Timberland's collection.

    £ 99, 99
  • Timberland Booties Baby Hamper Timberland Booties Baby Hamper
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    Timberland Booties Baby Hamper

    A perfect newborn gift by Timberland.

    £ 75, 00
    Timberland T-Shirts Baby Hamper

    For the baby's everyday routine or for those casual looks, these Timberland baby T-shirts are adorable! A newborn gift that is sure to delight both mum and dad.

    £ 85, 00
    Personalised Baby Name Frame (Lamb, Prince)

    COUNTING SHEEP. Your little prince is imagining himself in the Realm of Dreams… where he is hiding among fluffy white clouds while sweet lambs play. 

    £ 49, 50
  • Can be personalised
    Baby Dreams Hamper

    This hamper includes the following products: Bunny Personalised Decorative Cushion. BebeDeParis Mini Teddy Bear. Big Bunny Baby Comforter. Rectangular Wool Box.

    £ 49, 95
  • Can be personalised
    Baby comforter and fleece blanket hamper

    This hamper contains the following products: Big Bunny Baby Comforter. Stuffed bunny with fleece blanket. Small rectangular wool box.

    £ 44, 95
    Must-haves newborn baby hamper

    This hamper contains the following products: Baby Pocket Bib. Teddy Baby Hat-Booties Set. Baby Socks Set. Baby Polo Bodysuit. Vintage Box Blue.

    £ 49, 95